should i join a sorority?

by: MRE

I never thought I would even consider joining a sorority but I am transferring to MU this fall and I was considering joining a sorority. I am a really down to earth person who does not really mess with fake people and attention seekers LOL. I do not judge sororities based off of what I have heard but I would like to get a general idea of how the sororities are on campus. How do I even know which sorority is the right one for me, etc.! If anyone could give me a general idea about the sororities, etc. that would be great!

Posted By: MRE
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#1  by: MRE   

Like how is the harassing and the process to become a member!?

#2  by: FratterGuy    

Go in with an open mind, don't join the one everyone raves about. truly get to know the girls it'll make a great difference in where you end up

By: FratterGuy

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