what is the cost and how competitive is it?

by: Transfer?

I know Delta Zeta and Sigma Kappa are the only two sororities at this campus. What is the average cost of each of them?

Also, how competitive is recruitment? Do I need letters of recommendation? How easy/hard is it to get a bid from each of them? Is this one of the schools where you have to be a freshman to get a bid? Or can you still get one as an upperclassman?

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A lot of questions okay so sigma kappa is about $700 for your first semester (new member stuff), and $350 once you’re in. delta zeta is about $520 for your first semester and $350 once you’re an active and it gets broken down to monthly payments of $70.

Recruitment isn’t really competitive. Any girl can go through recruitment. The girls that continue are the ones that have the grades and that the chapters like. Just be yourself and one of them will definitely like you! No! One of my sisters got a bid and she was a junior. I know dz has a non traditional student! It really doesn’t matter when you do it. Just do it!

By: P
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Both sororities are welcoming to upperclassman. We don't discriminate on age. That would be the same as discriminating by race. Not only is it uncool and unethical, it's actually illegal.

By: welcome

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