Phox Merge is done

by: Phox

Supposedly Phi Delt was Theta Chi’s second choice. Heard they wanted to join someone else like Pi Kapp or SAE.

Posted By: Phox
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#1  by: Lololol   

Lol heard they wanted SNU or SAE

By: Lololol
#2  by: Phi Felt   

Nah, they were trying to go with Phi delt or SAE

By: Phi Felt
#3  by: ox   

they wanted SAE, but they said no so they went across the street

By: ox
#4  by: Khrushchev    

Heard they wanted ATO lol

By: Khrushchev
#5  by: Hiiiiiii   

Chi Phi is back, we are the house next to DEeph and SAE! Come rush!

By: Hiiiiiii
#6  by: Phox Advocate   

I can confirm the Phox merger is over. SAE was the dream but they were too weird for us

By: Phox Advocate
#7  by: %   

i can confirm this as well

By: %

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