what is greek life like here?

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What is greek life like here at this small school?

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#1  by: captain crunch   


By: captain crunch
#2  by: fruity pebbles   

Greek life at a small school is great because it allows us to be all super close! I have classes with a lot of my sisters, so I can get help wherever I need it. Abac only had one sorority but now we have 2! Alpha sigma alpha is the new national Panhellenic sorority on campus. We all love each other and we do a lot of fun stuff! Rush ΑΣΑ and find your girl gang for life!

By: fruity pebbles
#3  by: Captain Crunch   

Larger schools like VSU have a bigger selection of sororities and fraternities but the dues are twice as expensive as abac. Plus we really go to college to get a degree. You wont get a better education anywhere else than at abac. And while you’re at it you can make friends while being in a really good sorority

By: Captain Crunch

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