Frat Ranking After Fall Semester 2022

by: Fall Rankings

Rankings this semester based off of comments in other posts critiquing them:

SAE, Sig Chi
Fiji (dropped, you pry know why)
Zeta Psi
Sig Ep
828, Delt
KA, Phi Delt
K Sig
Phi Kap

Posted By: Fall Rankings
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#1  by: Lol   

ksig is not gonna like this one w phi delt above haha

By: Lol
by: LolDec 21, 2022 8:00:56 PM

Yeah but ksig knows it’s true lol

Also 828 won’t like delt is w them but it’s also true imo

By: Lol
by: TrueDec 21, 2022 8:17:09 PM

I just made the list based on previous posts comments I personally think they are pretty even

By: True
#2  by: Yeah   

First kinda accurate one I’ve seen recently

By: Yeah
#3  by: Facts   


By: Facts
#4  by: 828   

Move down 828 honestly I’m tired of those fools

By: 828
by: HahaJan 25, 2023 3:31:48 PM

Yeah not even an off campus frat anymore

By: Haha
#5  by: Lol   

Sig chi top when they give a bid to anyone who breathes?

By: Lol
#6  by: Yeah   

Basically perfect imo

By: Yeah
#7  by: wave   

tbh I would swap ka and ksig at this point not bc ksig is that strong but bc ka is just that weak

By: wave
#8  by: Shrcb   


By: Shrcb
#9  by: only true rank    

this is the only true rank on here rn

By: only true rank
#10  by: Mmm   

Move down zeta

By: Mmm

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