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Who throws down the best/ most frequently? Which group of greeks do you like to party with?

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The native Americans

By: Simona
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All the good ones. But they have varying levels of strictness when it comes to who's allowed. Even when it comes to girls sometimes. It simply depends on what party you're looking for, Big 4, and SAE are more hang out/ pregame oriented whereas the others are more. But going to Big 4 parties all day everyday gets old... very quick. Sigma Nu isreally really fun. They're basically people's guilty pleasure go to. Sigma Chi has too many of the same typical club like parties. Kappa Sig is the same but they usually aren't as crowded and have more drinks. But its your typical Chi Psi doesn't really do anything but a few big parties and pregames. Pi Kapp surprisingly has really fun pregames but parties are eh. ATO doesn't do much that I know of but that might just be because I'm lazy and their house is far. Pika is creepy. Pi Lams rush parties are surprisingly fun. That's my knowledge/ I'm tired of typing. Hope I helped.

By: Well
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Let's be serious. Phi Taus don't workout and also has the same 7 frat outfits that they mix match because they can't afford new vineyard vines, brooks brothers, etc. preppy guys wear, but the effort counts. Theta Xi and there unicorn mascots name has been tainted by older generations member and has been rumored as a "open brotherhood". The lumbee fraternities are great guys but can get aggressive past with conversations past 12am. So if I was a student coming into campus I would hope to either join a sports team/club so I don't have a bad persona.

Zetas and KD's I would put more or less as a rivalry compared to Bloods and Crips. Either one is accusing others as dirty rushing or cheating in some way. Tri Sigs I heard got caught hazing but still somehow can rep the highest GPA in Greek life because they don't leave the library and get out.

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by: UmmmDec 4, 2015 8:42:45 AM

Do ppl even know what vineyard vines and brooks brothers are at uncp lol? I thought y'all wore like Ed hardy and goodwill

By: Ummm
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Would wife up a zeta in a second! But I'm just a lonely sophomore waiting for Pike to come back on campus.

By: Admiring from a far!

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