Sigma Kappa????

by: anon

Why does nobody like them? They're obviously not top by any means but they're not that bad.

Posted By: anon
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#1  by: Big Roger   

Big Roger

By: Big Roger
#2  by: cum   

idk they stole all my big macs

By: cum
#3  by: Lol   

Excuse my drunk Sunday night rant, but girls in sigma kappa are either some of the best people you’ll ever meet or the worst. The great people usually end up dropping out of that toxic hellhole while the horrible ones end up staying. They’re abysmal to social with, and they’ll never show up. The 3/10’s there have a wicked ego and will let you know that for sure. They’ve fallen ridiculously hard for a reason, and they will almost never dig themselves out of that hole as long as they let anyone and everyone join them because they NEED the numbers now. Long story short, no smart girl will stay in SK.

By: Lol

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