Frats as Madden Overall Ranks

by: Sanders

Sig Nu (98 OVR)
Phi Delt (98 OVR)
ATO (96 OVR)
TEP (93 OVR)
KA (92 OVR)
Lambda (90 OVR)
Zeta Psi (89 OVR)
Sig Chi (88 OVR)
Dsig (87 OVR)
Beta (85 OVR)
Alpha Delt (82 OVR)
Theta Chi (78 OVR)
SAE (77 OVR)
ZBT (77 OVR)
AGR (75 OVR)
PSK (72 OVR)
Sig Phi (71 OVR)
Sig Ep (67 OVR)
Phi Tau (65 OVR)
Asig (65 OVR)
Phi Psi (64 OVR)
Chi Phi (60 OVR)
Sammy (58 OVR)
DU (57 OVR)
Sig Tau (48 OVR)
Pi Lam (40 OVR)
Aepi (40 OVR)

Posted By: Sanders
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#1  by: Turkey   

This is a post to remind everyone that anyone can write whatever they want on here lol the internet is garbage

By: Turkey
#2  by: Sam   

Same guy in tep making all of these

By: Sam
#3  by: Hi   

Im actually in lambda and I wrote this i thought it was law

By: Hi
#4  by: Ratings   

I work with Madden Ratings and Sig Chi is being moved up to a 95, Tep is bumped down to a 92, Lambda bumped down to an 88 and after that we can confidently say the game is fixed

By: Ratings
by: Mad?Nov 29, 2022 7:50:38 AM

Sig cryyy wahhhh

By: Mad?
#5  by: Dumb ass girl    

Sig Ep is not better than phi tau tell u from experience

By: Dumb ass girl

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