2022 frat ranks 🙂

by: Bozo

Hello everyone, I am back with my updated rankings going into the 2022-23 school year. I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer!
- Bozo 🙂

ranks posted below…

Phi Delt, Sig Nu

Sig Chi, ATO, KA

TEP, Delta Sig, Zeta Psi, Lambda, Beta

Alpha Delt, Theta Chi, ZBT

, Sig Ep

Sig Phi, Alpha Sig, Chi Phi, Phi Tau, Phi Psi, DU, Sammy, Sig Tau

Posted By: Bozo
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#1  by: huh   

yo break these tiers up more

By: huh
#2  by: Uzi   

Swap dsig w KA

By: Uzi
by: UziJun 23, 2022 9:24:59 PM

and alpha delt up a row

By: Uzi
by: @dsigJun 23, 2022 9:48:05 PM

commenting the same thing on every rank does not make it true but go off i guess

By: @dsig
#3  by: 🤡    

Umd greekrank in a nutshell

-Tep self ranking into oblivion, low top frats pressed in the comments
-Comment about KA falling off a cliff
-Dsig freshmen saying they should be switched with KA but no one knows why
-Occasional clout chasey comment from alpha delt

By: 🤡
by: ClownJun 23, 2022 11:12:07 PM

To be fair KA’s pledge classes have gotten progressively worse. No one can deny that. I’m not commenting on their place in Greek life but it is a fact that their PCs have been going downhill

By: Clown
by: cmonJun 23, 2022 11:51:06 PM

cool but their social schedule still hasnt changed

By: cmon
#4  by: FAX   

ka behind sig nu, dsig in front of tep and its perfect

#5  by: 12334456   

Tep > Ka

By: 12334456
by: Wat is going onJun 23, 2022 11:56:26 PM

In wat universe is TEP > KA or a top frat here social wit someone other than phisig and aephi then come back to me

By: Wat is going on
#6  by: Really   

Dsig is better than tep cmon

By: Really
by: ZzzJun 24, 2022 11:11:02 AM

Can go either way bc both frats are rising after pulling great pcs

By: Zzz
#7  by: Confused   

I dont get the beta slander

By: Confused

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