Kappa Beta Gamma

by: unimpressed

PSA Kappa Beta Gamma made a colony at Waterloo, WLU, & Conestoga. Not feeling great about this. Heard terrible things about their chapters. I’m offended that they haven’t reached out to any NPCs or other sororities before coming here. We have Panhel councils.. since when do u not let us know.

Posted By: unimpressed
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#1  by: Ummmmm   

Just because they didn’t reach out to you doesn’t mean they didn’t reach out to other organizations or even the schools?

Newsflash, they don’t need NPCs permission to start a chapter at any school.

By: Ummmmm
by: Beta girlFeb 24, 2021 6:40:19 PM

the national expansion officer did reach out to greek council before the interest group was even started, and we've been in contact with the greek council for over a month now...

By: Beta girl

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