let's bring a new sorority to fdu

by: Boo boo

We only have 4 national sororities at fdu. Let's bring a new one like chi omega or phi mu!!!!! It's time to add a new one !!

Posted By: Boo boo
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#1  by: FDUJunior   

We do NOT need another organization on campus. With another org on campus for a sorority and a fraternity that will but run by freshman it is too much. It really isn't that hard to find an organization on campus because each in its own way is different. It is not time to add a "new" one when 3 organizations have just been added in the last year.

By: FDUJunior
by: :)Dec 29, 2016 11:36:36 PM

Just because 3 new organizations have been added it shouldn't effect the possibility of bring a NEW national sorority from coming to fdu. What are the 3 new great organizations ? the addition of new organization shouldn't effect them if there so awesome.

By: :)
#2  by: me   

You can have 10 organizations and someone will complain that all 10 are not good enough and we need another to suit MY needs.

if you can't find your "fit in the 4, then there's other clubs to join or better yet transfer to another campus.

By: me
by: SCMar 15, 2019 10:13:04 AM

lol you sound like a sorority girl who’s scared of competition. maybe Have more of a Greek unity mindset and you won’t be so insecure

By: SC
#3  by: SC   

Lol yes, there’s only a few sororitys on campus. definitely need another one because the amount we have right now is not enough. I told my friend about it who goes to another school and she was shocked that we had so little. Maybe a Sigma Delta Tau or a Delta Zeta

By: SC

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