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by: say what

So it is pretty obvious a couple chapters are just trying to make others look bad. They all have something to offer and they should stop tearing each other down. The sig kaps are academic, the gams are athletic, the zetas are pretty, the phi mus are well liked, and the kappa deltas are kind and drama free. They all have their cons too but I strongly recommend you meet a variety of girls from each chapter and don't get swayed by one girl you don't like or a bad review because a lot of false information isn't even close to true but mean women are taking advantage of first years that don't know better. Most Greek women are not this catty and it seems like just a few people obsessed with this site.

Posted By: say what
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#1  by: Rowdy   

This is Greek Rank, and not some "share the PanLuv" site. If the brutal truth hurts, you don't have to look at any of the posts. Have you ever looked at the comments and discussion topics of a big university with a huge Greek following? Please look at Mizzou and UF for further info.
Oh, and ZTA PAID TODAY to take down a post FROM TODAY that them shallow and conceited. How's that for honesty and integrity?

By: Rowdy

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