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by: Realistic

Theta has done a great job of manipulating opinion through Greek Rank.
Kappa stayed out of the Greek Rank B.S. and its unfortunately hurt their reputation. So sad that they stayed off this site and it actually hurt them. Kappa has always been top at UCLA and Greek Rank is changing that through lies that are posted.
Theta is a house for cute girls into sports and being natural. Meaning they are not girly girls who wear make up and are into cute styles other than sports wear. Which is fine, but they've manipulated Greek Rank into making them one of the top houses on campus. Not true.
Alpha Phi and Kappa are top houses
DG and Theta are three and four in that order.

Posted By: Realistic
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#1  by: Actually..   

This is total bs. Kappa and Aphi LIVE on this site 24/7. Kappa is responsible for most, if not all of the nasty stuff that’s been said about both DG and Pi Phi. Anyone who reads all the crap posted on their house pages can tell.
How in the world can you say that Theta is the one on this site?! They haven’t said anything overly flattering about their house. Plus, Theta is not in competition with DG and Pi Phi, Kappa is. Everyone knows it, it’s common knowledge. Stop trying to hold onto the past. Things have changed over the last 4/5 years.

By: Actually..
by: the truthAug 6, 2020 4:06:45 PM

Everyone knows Kappa and PiPhi dominate this website.

By: the truth

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