say one good thing about every house: go!

by: positivity

too much negativity on GR, everyone say something they love about another house!

Posted By: positivity
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in alphabetical order
AGD philanthropic
ADPi kind
Aphi has a green house
Axo pretty front gate
Gphi sisterhood
DG lives in a cube
KD has a basement
Kkg got better than their age on the SATs
Theta wants not for followers
Pi phi loves to play in the snow
ChiO is a sorority

#2  by: carpet   

bump :p

By: carpet
#3  by: real   

AGD diverse / different
ADPI caring / down to earth
APHI talkative / fashionable
AXO sincere / cute
CHIO energetic / smart
DG funny / relaxed
GPHI nice / relatable
KD genuine / charmingly
KKG fun / engaging
PIPHI cool / organized
THETA chill / sporty


By: real
#4  by: sorority life   

bump cuz we need more stuff like this on this site

By: sorority life
#5  by: vibe   

sororitys rlly need to vibe

By: vibe
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in alphabetical order
AEPi - quaint little house
Beta - big front yard
DTD - balto bit me
Lambda - no longer on probation
Pi Kapp - beautiful bottom half of house
Phi Psi - has elevator
Phi Delt - won anchorsplash
SAE - christmas lights
Sig Chi - diverse
Sig Ep - lots of kitchens
SNu - great location
Theta Chi - close to hospital
Theta Xi - tight brotherhood
TDX - pool for rent
Triangle - IFC scholarships
ZBT - good at paperwork
Delta Sig - is a fraternity

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By: Bump

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