sorority descriptions

by: haiiiii

can someone describe each sorority and what they are known for plz

Posted By: haiiiii
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#1  by: Heyyy   

I did and zeta got it deleted lol

By: Heyyy
by: Honest truth Oct 16, 2023 6:36:52 AM

Axo- hot
G phi b- winners
A d pi- drinkers
Sk- wealthy
Zeta- haters
Dz-last resort

By: Honest truth
#2  by: Booty enjoyer   

No clue why other comment said axo was hot, personally I prefer some movement in the back if you know what I’m saying, which they famously lack. Let me tell you what we really know them as
AXO- Basic white chicks vibe.
GPHI- Sporty stoner. kinda loud though.
ADPI- Drinkers yeah they got that right.
DZ- Don’t rlly know many but funny asf and hella ass.
ZTA- Nice? Don’t know many of those either my bad.
SK- Chill and smart, pretty faces. Never met one I didn’t vibe with.

Seems the other comments don’t agree but I think those were written by chicks so take them with a grain of salt for real. It’s a lot of jealousy for real out there.

By: Booty enjoyer

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