how does sorority recruitment work?

by: Curious Senior

I'll be a Senior this year, and MST is my college of choice. I was curious how sorority recruitment worked with three sororities participating? I have a friend who just went through at UGA, but that's a huge school with a lot of sororities.

Do you go to all three houses the first round and rank them, then get a list for the next round of who invited you back? Do you cut/get cut each round? Is there a quota based on how many girls make it to Preference? Could you possibly end up at all three houses for Prefrence?

I looked on the website, but the Recruitment info for this year is kind of vague, so I was curious.

Thanks! MST2023

Posted By: Curious Senior
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#1  by: Curious Senior   

Oh yeah...What percentage get a bid somewhere? Do a lot of girls get cut completely?

By: Curious Senior

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