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by: Sneakycat3

I know nothing about Greek life or Greek life at MST for that matter. For sure headed to S&T though. What sorority is the party sorority here? Plan and simple.

Posted By: Sneakycat3
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#1  by: FYI   

Sororities are a social club for girls to form lifelong friendships and support each other through college and beyond. None of the three fine and upstanding Panhellenic sororities on this campus partake in such activities as I believe you are referencing.

We are too busy making the world a better place, supporting each other in our life goals, and studying. Occasionally, we have been known to let our hair down and get a little wild. Perhaps a puzzle party, a dramatic book reading, extra study hours, or the occasional luncheon with one of the many excellent men's organizations on campus. With proper chaperoning, of course. We're not wanton women!

We can't wait to meet you in the fall.


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