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by: Why

Greek life here should be canceled. None of these 'frats' function like a real greek organization like you would see at a legitimate school. Every house here is a crying shame and its honestly pathetic that people join these houses and think they're a part of a real fraternity/sorority. Shoulda studied a little harder if you wanted to go to a school with a Greek system.

Posted By: Why
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#1  by: Meee   

You clearly do not understand what greek organizations are about. They are not about having a big house with greek letters plastered on the front. They are about philanthropy, community, and endless oppurtunites. Not just being the "coolest frat". You probably went out for recruitment and were denied.

By: Meee
#2  by: Svsug   

SVSU does not have greek housing like some campuses. You may find this "lame" but is actually cheaper and safer for greek life members. This "frat house" you talk about is a FEW members of a fraternitys house, but is not an official house, so you cant really judge it as a frat house, bud.

By: Svsug

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