question about reputations?

by: freshman


I am really curious as to what all of the reputations are for the sororities? I am thinking about going through next fall and was curious.


Posted By: freshman
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#1  by: senior   

That's awesome that you're thinking about going through recruitment next semester! No matter what house you choose, going Greek is a really great choice! If you go through keep the reputations in mind, but also think about what girls you would feel best calling your sisters.

Delta Delta Delta: Very sweet girls. Know when to play nice and when to play a little dirty.
Chi Omega: Your girl next door. Close sisterhood that balances partying and academics.
Kappa Kappa Gamma: Exclusive group of girls. Have high standards for their sisters.
Kappa Delta Sigma: Wide variety of girls. Involved in many different activities, like to party.

By: senior
#2  by: SLU   

Deff. go to Greek 101! You will have a chance to talk to girls from each house and form your own opinions :).


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