The King is Dead!


It’s official, Jimbo the LXA Clown is no longer a paid troll on behalf of LXA National. Sad to say the two best years of Jimbo’s life unfolded right here on Greek Rank for all to see. No one before Jimbo saw the opportunity in Greek Rank to make a difference in the online reputation of LXA like he did. He took an often mediocre LXA online reputation and made it the undisputed top tier across the west coast chapters he managed.
Of course there were bumps in the road of his online success but those bumps were smoothed out by the sheer quantity of posts and endless cast of online characters. From the top tier sorority girl that only gave it up to Lambdas to the freshman male swimsuit model looking for a frat where he would be a “good fit” and not be the only working male model member. Jimbo did it all for his little fledgling LXA frat in South Dakota where the house dog doubled as the Sweetheart.
Sad to say Jimbo couldn’t help his own South Dakota chapter as the stink of his active status still haunts the 12 member house. As with all bad experiences, time and distance will soften the memories of Jimbo’s membership and South Dakota might have a bright future.
Jimbo’s own future is extremely bright and chances are you will someday see him managing the Subway sandwich counter inside the truckstop at that off-ramp to nowhere in the middle of Iowa.
All my best to my friend and muse Jimbo the LXA Clown. I can never thank you enough for the countless hours of entertainment you have provided me and others watching

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Yes, Class of 2015. See you at homecoming!

By: Proud and Loud Brothers

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