chi phi: good riddance

by: RIP

Chi Phi’s presidents article on the College Reporter was hilarious to say the least...to suggest GREEK LIFE allows for cohesion on this campus, and that taking away greek life creates division, is absolutely tone deaf. News flash: greek life is exclusionary and discriminates against everyone who isn’t rich, white, and cisgender. Also love how he failed to mention anything about the real reason they’ve been kicked off campus: hazing. Greek life is out dated system that strokes the egos of self proclaimed ‘social elite’ and hopefully Chi Phi leaving will have a ripple effect on the Greek system at large. We are all better off here at F&M. Thank you Dean Shaw!

Posted By: RIP
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#1  by: Sus   

Sounds like someone didn’t get into a party...

By: Sus
by: haOct 1, 2019 9:44:35 PM

that got so many down votes but I thought it was pretty damn funny. like who dropped you sweetie

By: ha
#2  by: Lol   

Lmao 😂

By: Lol

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