Sororities at UAB

by: PNM

What are the sororities stereotypes at UAB? Like which are good and which ones are bad?

Posted By: PNM
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#1  by: Random   

Honestly, all of them are improving but the top 3 are prob alpha gam, kd, aoii.
Alpha gam- preppy, fake, superficial
Kd- chill, fun, only care about partying
Aoii- nice, active on campus, random group of girls

By: Random
by: true butDec 12, 2021 10:06:28 PM

id say the order is correct but i think alpha gam gets a lot of rumors spread about them being "fake" just bc they have a lot of pretty girls

By: true but
#2  by: rankings   

1. Alpha Gam: Prettiest/most popular girls, involed a lot on campus, associate a lot with Pi Kapp.
2. AOII: Similar to Alpha Gam in a lot of ways, some ppl say that AOII is less exclusive than Alpha Gam. AOII is a solid #2 and they associate a lot with Theta Chi.
3. KD: Well rounded group of girls, known a lot for partying.
4. Alpha Xi: Smartest group of girls

By: rankings
#3  by: Yep   

Alpha Gam- pretty, love their insta accounts, can come across as fake, a lot of blonde, strongest on campus
Alpha Xi- smartest, active on campus, respected, sometimes weird
DG- random, often forgot about
KD- some pretty, some weird, some party, newest on campus and trying to figure it out
Sigma Kappa- sweet girls but struggle to keep girls in chapter…. Could actually see the chapter fold.
AOPi- one of the oldest on campus, smart, pretty, kind, often forgotten about

By: Yep

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