Who is the top chapter???

by: PNM

Which sorority is the best or top chapter? Thanks!

Posted By: PNM
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#1  by: panhellenic    

DG got top chapter

By: panhellenic
by: uab blazerMar 30, 2021 9:03:12 PM

so wrong

By: uab blazer
by: yoooAug 13, 2021 9:23:48 PM

Not wrong, DG won top chapter last year. straight facts😂

By: yooo
#2  by: anonymous   

top 3 not in order: aoii,alpha gam, kappa delta

By: anonymous
#3  by: Blazers    

AOII, KD, and Alpha Gam

By: Blazers
#4  by: uab blazer   


By: uab blazer
#5  by: hehehahah   

I go to UAB and AOII and AGD are top

By: hehehahah
#6  by: UAB senior    

Honestly it depends on what’s most important to you. If you want a strong sisterhood, SK is best. If you want to be popular and have that kind of reputation, AGD is best. If you value you academics, Alpha Xi. Partying, AOII. DG and KD are both pretty well rounded; jack of all trades, master of none chapters

By: UAB senior
#7  by: seriously    

AGD - strong reputation on campus, pretty girls
Alpha Xi - GRADES!
AOII - used to be really strong on campus when my older sister went to school here - struggles a lot now.
KD - newest on campus - catching up quickly. They have a well rounded group of girls - academics, involvement, pretty, etc... sisterhood struggles at times.
DG - just kinda there - nothing really stands out about them
EK - weakest on campus during recruitment. Not a typically southern sorority so a lot of AL, TN, and GA girls do not give them a second look. Very sweet girls though.

By: seriously
by: forrealAug 6, 2021 7:06:54 PM


By: forreal
#8  by: PNM   

i would say Alpha Gamma Delta

#9  by: This   

KD, Aopi and Alpha gam

By: This
#10  by: ??   

How is KD considered one of the best when they’re really new?

By: ??
by: dude Aug 30, 2021 10:19:20 PM

KD has a strong southern/Alabama presence. Girls who go through rush know the tradition. Also, they have a very strong alumni support, and they have supported and helped build the chapter up.

By: dude

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