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A note to those rushing a sorority this fall (2019):

Choose a house where you see the best fit. Some of the most selective and hardest to get in to are Alpha Phi and KKG. Always have a good backup option. Chi O, Tri Delt are rising and would make great options as well. DG and Theta are very involved and hold great house GPA’s.

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Most Instagram followers as well??

By: AZ A Phi
by: Keeping it RealJun 9, 2019 2:16:35 PM

APhi has the most followers because they buy them. Anyone can do that. Nothing special about that.

By: Keeping it Real
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Ya pls ignore this

By: Ah
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the only people that think tri delt is rising is tri delt

By: nope
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idk what's funnier, aphi being selective or tri delt being on here

By: lol
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To the person posting this. Why don’t you be truthful? APhi so selective? Wasn’t their sorority outed nationally by a former recruitment chair? Basically all APhi houses have the so called pretty girls rushing and the not so pretty rushing the not so pretty getting pnm’s hopes up with lots of dirty rushing and empty promises. one would call that FAKE. As far as KKG- sure they’re strong, but their last pledge class wasn’t all that, they were just eh....

And why on earth would you tell a pnm to have a back up plan? You should encourage the pnm to be themselves and ask lots of open ended questions to try and make connections with the active rushing them, so they can find a good fit. Recruitment is so superficial it’s sickening.

All the houses will have their share of gorgeous and not so gorgeous. There will be active sisters and deadbeat sisters. There’s cliques in each house- some more than others. Some houses have very strong sisterhoods and include EVERYONE. And there’s some who leave sisters out all the time.

Each sorority offers lifelong friendships , scholarships and academic support, philanthropy, networking, and social activities. It is what the person puts into the sorority is what they will get out of it.

AND if the pnm is lucky to get rushed by an active sister who is popular in the house- that pnm will most likely get a bid if that pnm is well liked by that active. If a deadbeat sister rushes the pnm- poor pnm won’t stand a chance and she really could be a terrific young woman.

The pnm needs to know that during pref-,the sorority will rank IN ORDER their favorite girls to give bids to depending on the quota. Then the mutual selection comes into play bc if sorority A puts someone as their # 10 girl, and that #10 girl prefs another house and gets a bit from her 1st choice pref , then sorority A goes to #11 girl.

By: Sad post

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