the true ratings and tiers

by: actual greek

Phi Mu: Amazing!

DG: Super cool!

Chi O: Inspiring!

ADPi: So sweet!

Alpha Gam: Awesome!

Top Tier: EVERYONE!!!

We have an amazing greek community! Don’t let these negative ratings change your mind. I’m so lucky to be a part of the Panhellenic Community and be surrounded by fantastic members from every chapter.

Seriously yall. Ratings and tiers are for big schools like Bama with old money. Not for a school like Montevallo which is special and unique and all types of amazing.

Go greek! You would be lucky to be in ANY of our 5 chapters :)

Posted By: actual greek
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#1  by: Mmhmm   

This is very very True!!

By: Mmhmm
#2  by: UM greek   

PNM’s Take Note: Follow Your Heart And Run Home To A Great Sisterhood! Get your recommendations in early!

By: UM greek

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