Our 2020 Rankings

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A lot of these ratings are really old so we made a list for people that might want to get involved with Greek life next year like us.

(Tied) TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon: Good Parties, Over-hyped. Rush if you want to party with sororitys.
(Tied) ΘX Theta Chi: Fun Parties, Sleeper-but-fun.
Rush if you want to party with independents.
(Eh) ΣΦE Sigma Phi Epsilon: Okay Parties, Unbalanced Ratio
Rush if you want easy letters.

(1) ZTA Zeta Tau Alpha: Mean Girls Posterboard but high clout
Rush if you want to have the usual Sorority experience.
(2) AΞD Alpha Xi Delta: Shy but nice
Rush if you want to be in a nice sisterhood.
(3) ΦΣΣ Phi Sigma Sigma: Does NOT look like their nationals.
Rush if you if don't get bidded anywhere else.
(4) DΦE Delta Phi Epsilon: Bad Rushing Stories
Rush if you want to get hazed.

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