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by: JJ

Please give me a description of each frat at Trinity. What type of kid would fit in at each?

Posted By: JJ
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#1  by: Hsg   

St Anthony Hall - rich kids
AD - stereotypical bro
Psi U - similar to AD but creepier
Crow - Football players and meatheads
Kappa Sigma - Nerdy bros
Cleo - Hipsters and 'diversity'
Pike - Stereotypical frat boys, like animal house

By: Hsg
#2  by: Crescent    

Typical night for prettiest girls

Psi U 8-12:30
AD - 12:30-2
2:00 on
The Hall or room

Hall - used to be cool LOADED kids, now anyone can get a bid. Still mostly loaded kids. Girls are cooler than guys

AD - heaviest drinkers/partiers. either have a 2.0 or a 4.0. lot of lax kids ..less athletes more rich heavy drinkers each yr. Only great parties on tuesdays or thursdays

Psi U - prettier house. more "gal pals". bars. girls love chilling there. day parties are the best there. Great ticket parties...weirder vibes in basement.

Crow - lift, beer, lift

Kappa Sig - dont even know

Cleo - hipster

Pike - wanna be Psi U or AD, but never will be.

Most attractive girls spend about 50% of nights at Psi U, 40% at AD

By: Crescent
#3  by: TrinFratz   

Top 3 in no particular order:
Hall - rich, very white (like most of trinitys frats). best theme parties on campus and good late nights unless campo shuts them down.

Psi U - more sought after in recent semesters. Lots of athletes. Some cool kids and some hardos. Good darties and fun theme parties.

AD - disgusting house but fun place to party. Mainly washed up athletes at this point. Aggressive vibes always but that's AD for ya

Middle/bottom tier:
Kappa sig (I guess?) - some alright kids who didn't get bids at the top 3 frats. Used to be a decent place to party as a freshman but they no longer have a house and have slipped into irrelevancy as a result.

Crow - all football and wrestling kids. Tons of meatheads but hey they're all nice laid back guys.

Pike - gave out bids to anyone with a pulse this semester in order to boost numbers. Hopefully it recovers due to this, but people have been anticipating a Pike bounce back for years now. Never seems to happen.

By: TrinFratz

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