don't rush sorority based on this site...

by: K

It's probably a "duh" but seriously, if you're a potential new member don't go based off of what people say on this site. Some of the ratings are true, some of them are self-ranks which may or may not be true, some are random GDIs who know nothing about greek life, some are unclassy sorority girls down rating other sororities so their sorority is ranked higher and some are douchey frat guys that don't know anything about the actual sisterhood of the sorority. I've heard a lot of girls go on this site to rank the sororities they want before they even rush and I'm just telling you how much of a bad idea that is, and it will seriously screw you over if you decide to rush that way. Give every sorority a chance regardless of what this site says. Trust me it will be so much easier.

Posted By: K
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