greek life on the up

by: Senior Girl

Greek life has been on the up for the past few years. I would say its pretty acceptable now, whereas 6-7 years back it was not really the move. Both Fraternities have nice guys (from those that I have met).

2 Fraternities, 2 Sororities, 1 Co-ed Fraternity

Kappa Sigma has gotten pretty popular on campus. Their parties have always been welcoming and a good time, but they're usually packed and run out of alcohol by 1. The members I have met have been really nice and a good bunch of them are actually pretty cute. (8.5/10)

ADG is fine. The parties are pretty fun, however, they seem to mingle with the sorority more than those outside the Greek sphere. So parties can be awkward for someone that does not participate in Greek life. All in all, also nice guys, kind of nerdy, but nice. (7/10)

There are two sororities Kappa Tau Gamma and Delta Sigma Theta. I do not know much about them other than that they absolutely love showing others that they are in a sorority. Points for passion! (6/10)

Posted By: Senior Girl
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