Frat Ranks Fall 2023

by: Billy Flowers

For all you freshman who want the truth on where to rush. (No matter what you were told or may have judged at TempleFest is right. These are the solid ranks)

1: KDR - ATO
Both are top houses that can throw and attract the top kids. Just different vibes of kids they give vids to.
2: Sammy
Close yet distant third. House is a hike but they’ve got good night parties and are growing.
3: DChi
Growing, got a new house, hopefully with growth will stop giving bids out to weirder kids and will push for top. But that’ll be awhile before that happens.
4: Pikapp
Debatable putting them here instead of DChi but there’s weird rumors about them and their pledges from last semester and they share a yard with rugby house which is beat. Some weird dudes.
5: PiLam
Desperately trying to shed their negative image after the scandal and people won’t give them the chance. They got a nice but small house and if you’re into apparel and cool dye tables an abundance of that.
6: AKL
Such an odd fraternity. Can’t even speak on them because I’ve heard so many different things.
7: Everyone else.

Posted By: Billy Flowers
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