soorority stereotypes

by: pls

What are the stereotypes for each sorority. I am a pnm for fall and was wondering.

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#1  by: Haha   

SDT deserves probation.

By: Haha
by: iAug 7, 2022 5:05:49 PM


By: i
#2  by: @@   

DG-hot blondes, basics
SDT- mix of hot blondes and Jersey chicks
DZ- Lilly Pulitzer
Alpha chi-variety of chicks..
SK-variety of chicks as well, slowly becoming stuck up.
Dphie-new. Has potential.. had hot chicks.. now idk..need to be pickier.

By: @@
#3  by: T   

DG- basic blonde, smart, pretty
SDT- Pretty ‘cool girls’, NY/Jersey girls
DZ- Preppy airheads, christians
Theta- smart, variety of girls
AXO- diverse, strict, pretty/normal
SK-mostly weird
Dphie- Mix of artsy, party, and average girls

By: T
#4  by: allison    

DG- hot blondes and few beautiful brunettes
SDT- Jersey, Some blondes and brunettes fun
Theta- some underrated girls nerdy chill
Axo- funny girls
sk- they’re there
Dphie- new but no clue

By: allison
#5  by: Same as always   

WW3s - Enjoy attaching themselves to everyone and everything!

EzraMillerNig,GFloydNig, and NigEyesChinese ruined Tampa.

By: Same as always

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