Rushing in the fall

by: Ahdjsks123

i dropped an unrec sorority last fall because I felt like I didnt fit in with them at all and now I’m considering rushing a rec sorority in the fall since it’s been a full year but would it still look bad to rec sororities? Also I’m pretty sure none of my friends want to rush because they have their own things so should I just go in by myself? I can be kind of shy and its hard for me to open up to people at first so I feel like it would be rlly hard for me to get a bid if I was by myself during rush week

Posted By: Ahdjsks123
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To some sororities it might look bad, but overall if you don’t mention it (to maybe the bigger sororities) I don’t think it should be a problem. I personally rushed alone so it was a little intimidating, but just remember, they want YOU. Just look/feel your best & be confident! Good luck!

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Personally I believe rushing and joining an org is all about finding your people and where you belong, and it's okay if you don't find them on your first try! I would definitely say to rush next semester and just feel every org out and see what group you click with the best. Rushing alone can be nerve-wracking, but odds are you'll make friends with the other rushes (especially the other girls who are also rushing alone).

By: :)

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