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by: LB

Does anyone know if you can pledge a different sorority? I don’t think I am a good match for the one I pledged this past semester. I wanted to be apart of something big and have friends like they promised. But since we have been home, hardly any of the girls reach out to me and twice one girl called me by the wrong name. Is it bad if I try to pledge a sorority like Pi Chi and drop out of mine? I think I want something smaller to make some real friends.

Posted By: LB
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#1  by: Girl   

So, because you pledged & accepted the bid this semester, you have to wait until next spring if you drop your letters. You can’t do it the next semester after, it has to be a year after you accepted your bid. I’m sorry you aren’t having a good time, if you don’t feel at home then you definitely shouldn’t continue with that sorority. Good luck with all of that, it must be tough.

By: Girl
#2  by: V   

Yes you have to wait a full year before you join a new sorority after dropping. I’m sorry that your sorority isn’t treating you right, that’s not how it’s supposed to be. But I can tell you for a fact that all the pi chi girls are actually friends and look out for one another. They also don’t judge on looks which is great and they’re fun to go out with.

By: V
#3  by: Macattack    

If it’s unrec you can just join a different one next sem if it’s Rec you need to wait a year like the other comments say

By: Macattack

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