Ranks winter 2023

by: Tdxroolz

1. Dchi, ATO, BSB, Sig Chi, Pike
2. Sig ep,Phi Psi, Acacia
3. Tke, Sig Pi, DU
4. Lambda, AEPi, TDX
5. Phi Who, APD, asig, ZBT
6. Pi Kapp, Chi phi, Dsig
7. Fiji, far sig, SAE, Pkt
8. Irrelevant

Posted By: Tdxroolz
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#1  by: Du   

Du down and its fine

By: Du
#2  by: Lmao   

Lambda self rank is crazy

By: Lmao
#3  by: Lambda   

Lambdaaaaaaaasas Greek rank committee

By: Lambda
#4  by: Greekrank god   

Lambda buddy

By: Greekrank god
#5  by: akrke   

chi phi

By: akrke
#6  by: Lol   

Blatant Fiji self rank

By: Lol

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