frat rankings top 6 in order

by: Truth

1) Sae, Pi Lam, Dchi
2) Zeta psi, phi kappa psi, pike

Posted By: Truth
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#1  by: Bruh   

lol phi psi

By: Bruh
#2  by: Lol   

lol pike

By: Lol
#3  by: Lmao   

Top four just about right

By: Lmao
#4  by: Greekrank   

The first four are just about right, don’t think pike is top 6, could make argument 4 phi psi

By: Greekrank
#5  by: Um   

First 4 is NOT right LMAO pi lam is creepy af and going down down down. Phi Psi and pike r good but by no means r they top tier.

By: Um
#6  by: Don   

Pi lam is the hottest frat in this campus what r u talking about

By: Don
#7  by: G   

Pike is on the up and coming tho they’re good

By: G

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