2021-2022 Sorority Rankings

by: Elon ‘24

As we move back to normalcy there is a need for all to know....

Top: Sigma, Phi Mu, Zeta


Bottom: Delta, AXO, KD

Some may not like the shake up in the lower tiers but they still most acknowledge the facts and stop living in denial.

Posted By: Elon ‘24
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#11  by: 21 freshman    

What do I have to do my first semester to ensure I don’t end up in a bottom tier sorority?

By: 21 freshman
by: adviceJul 8, 2021 1:15:29 PM

You should be the best version of yourself. Be friendly, outgoing, studious, and beautiful. Shoot for a bid from the Big 3.

By: advice
#12  by: lol   

Same old Phi Mu pushers. How can anyone believe you are top tier when you have not been top tier in the last 4 years? Riddle me that, little liars. Run along and get your summer lipo.

I've graduated. Fun fact, this site is full of idiots. We only used to read it to laugh at the idiots.

By: lol
by: U sad girl Jul 9, 2021 7:22:08 PM

The fact you admitted you have graduated and are still trolling a group of girls who refused to give you a bid years ago is really sad. How can we help you find a meaningful purpose in your life?

By: U sad girl
by: lolJul 11, 2021 10:47:31 AM

i’Ve gRaDuAtEd and I’m still salty I didn’t get a bid from Phi Mu.....hahahaha 🤣

By: lol
by: lolJul 13, 2021 8:34:25 PM

There's a loser on here that upvotes everything Phi Mu. We laugh at you.

By: lol
#13  by: Strat Chic   

In coming PNMs need to take note, this is the rank here.

By: Strat Chic
by: Juniors Jul 20, 2021 5:07:41 PM

There isn’t any more truth than this.

By: Juniors
#14  by: Iol   

Put delta in the middle of the Bottom Tier and this rank works, they are slightly ahead of KD.

By: Iol
by: lolJul 20, 2021 12:30:01 PM

I would agree that Delta has really fallen off. The whole’wE r tOp tIeR now’ stuff from a couple years ago really hurt their credibility.

By: lol
by: BruhAug 5, 2021 3:57:34 PM

You forgot to change your nickname, obviously just another loser hating on a sorority they aren’t in. Really needed to respond under you own comment? second hand embarrassment babe

By: Bruh
#15  by: Aussie    

From the Big 3 all the way to the bottom tier. Elon has the absolute best sororities in the galaxy 😘

By: Aussie
by: Pan LoveJul 17, 2021 12:14:00 PM

Thanks for speaking on all the positives! There are definitely some sad graduates/rejects bashing Phi Mu for some reason on this site. Sooo unbecoming.

By: Pan Love
by: High classJul 19, 2021 4:56:10 PM

Bump this!!! Big 3 Bussin’

By: High class
#16  by: lol   

Most people would have this as the rank:

Top: Sigma = Phi Mu = Zeta (Big 3 are on that level above)

Middle: AXID > AOPII > SK

Bottom: AXO > Delta > KD

All the PNMs coming in this fall will quickly learn everything they need to know at Elon. Start networking early and get to know the actives.

By: lol
by: BananaJul 23, 2021 2:32:49 AM

Seriously? Go F yourself Phi Mu. The constant self-ranking is vomit inducing. Can you people not stfu and just not be such clout chasers?

By: Banana
by: You need helpJul 23, 2021 12:57:21 PM

^^ you need help girl. Why do you have so much hate for Phi Mu? Who says a Phi Mu posted this?? Maybe you need more than a banana, you're way to wound up.

By: You need help
by: huhJul 24, 2021 3:41:55 PM

This old piece of dirt on this site just made a banana reference. Your Elon is dead. We do not think like you or stan you.

By: huh
#17  by: Sorority Chic   

As someone who has been involved in GreekLife here for the last two years I can say that this rank is mostly accurate. I would put Phi Mu over Sigma and AXO over Delta but otherwise this is the rank of all the ladies’ organizations.

By: Sorority Chic
by: Top HouseJul 30, 2021 8:41:49 PM

Somebody has to speak the truth on GR.

By: Top House
by: hahaAug 6, 2021 11:41:27 PM

You're an idiot if you think Phi Mu is above Sigma or Zeta. But that's your stupid opinion.
Phi Mu is not even in their class and that's why people don't call them Top Tier.

By: haha
#18  by: Bruh   

This whole thread is just delta slander. Panhellenic love ladies do better. Every sorority is great and bashing a well standing sorority to make your own look better is sad.

By: Bruh
by: NjAug 5, 2021 6:13:42 PM

I don’t think anyone is bashing Delta at all. A lot of the posts point out that SK is now middle tier and Delta has dropped to the bottom tier. That’s not bashing it’s simply stating where each group resides in ranking. Sorry not sorry😘

By: Nj
by: Lmao Aug 5, 2021 7:38:20 PM

The rankings don’t change that much in a year. SK is still very much bottom tier. Cmon now we all know you little sk wannabes think you’re cool now but let’s remember what sororities really matter. Big three. Maybe axid and ddd if we’re being generous.

By: Lmao
by: lolAug 17, 2021 5:47:49 AM

The truth is that Phi Mu trolls have been hating on Delta for replacing them temporarily. Now they are hating on SK and trying to pit them against Delta.
It's pathetic. These old Phi Mu trolls are obvious.

This is part of why no one likes Phi Mu on campus as an organization.

By: lol
#19  by: Britt Britt   

I am so glad everyone seems to be in agreement with this rank. Hopefully we can stop being so catty now.

By: Britt Britt
by: lolAug 7, 2021 8:54:37 AM

Preach sis. This is the rank going into fall and the vast majority agree and accept it.

By: lol
by: SeniorAug 7, 2021 8:50:16 PM

This is the year that we no longer have to hear about “unnamed” organization declaring they are top tier, thank goodness.

By: Senior
#20  by: CT NYC   

This is how I see it and it’s am never wrong.

Top: Phi Mu, Sigma, Zeta


Bottom: AXO, Delta, KD

by: Juniors RuleAug 9, 2021 1:49:09 PM

You have certainly nailed it with this rank. The incoming fresh class will quickly realize you have helped them out. Word of advice ladies, start making your connections early 'cause rush is coming.

By: Juniors Rule

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