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How difficult is it to get into a sorority as a sophomore who has already been through rush? Any tips on what sororities look for in a sophomore (ex: number of connections with current members)?

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#1  by: it   

it depends on the reason you're rushing again. why are you going through rush again? i know one girl who was a pledge and desistered zta during her freshman year bc it wasnt the best fit, and then rushed again sophomore year and is now in phi mu. you and all of the sororities have a good sense of where you would fit in best so if theres a place you feel most comfortable in and have the most friends that you share common interests with then im sure you'll get into the sorority that best fits you.

By: it
#2  by: alphachitillidie   

Hi! I'm a greek senior, and I must say that it is certainly not a deterrent for me when I speak to a sophomore during recruitment. Honestly, talking to someone who is a sophomore is sometimes easier because there may be more to talk about-they often have a lot of interesting experiences! It's cool if they have connections with members, but if they don't, I won't judge them for it at all. Just remember to stay positive and if they ask why you didn't join before, it's okay to tell the truth! Don't be nervous because we're so excited to meet everyone, regardless of year. Best of luck!

By: alphachitillidie

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