Greek Life Falling Apart

by: Stony Brook 5th Year

Hey guys,

I am not in greek life or anything but from what I've been seeing going down and from my experiences, greek life at Stony Brook is falling apart. This really upsets me, the school is nothing like it used to be. I blame this largely on the new greek life coordinators who hope to completely destroy freedom of assembly and decisions made by individual chapters. The school wants to dictate who can receive a bid, and the standards by which fraternities/sororities can feel free to carry out themselves. For all the years I've attended the school, I have seen organizations progressively fall victim to the administration's control, losing almost all their power and conceding their rights to the school. It really gets me upset to see a failing school spirit, sororities nearly forced to give bids to anyone that is interested, and fraternities being spied on by the sketchy realms of the administration.

I call on someone to start a petition to show Stony Brook that we, the students, still have the power over our own organizations. If we come together strong enough, we can make sure our rights are preserved and less sketchy business is conducted by the greek life office.

Thank you for listening.

Posted By: Stony Brook 5th Year
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