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by: Frosh

I am an incoming student at SFA. I'm wondering what fraternities should I rush and which ones should I stay away from; and why?

Posted By: Frosh
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#1  by: A senior    

You need to keep your options open and look at everyone. Just bc someone doesn’t like or really likes a specific frat doesn’t mean you will. Get to know everyone and then go where you feel most at home.

By: A senior
by: FratJul 24, 2021 12:14:29 AM

This ^^ you’ll find your home where you’re meant to. Go to the ifc page on insta and look at the different fraternity pages to get a gauge for the guys in it

By: Frat
#2  by: Rush Pan   

Every fraternity is different and good in their own way. Except for Pike; stay away from them. A bunch of creepy highschool hero wannabies.

By: Rush Pan
by: -Aug 4, 2021 7:11:41 PM

Don’t rush pike. Should be kicked off but saville left without doing anything about the airbnb

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