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I usually wouldn't post on this site, but Alpha Phi self-ranks on this site like no other and it's getting out of hand. trying to climb all over pi phi and tri delt when they are solidly mid tier. APhi is the only sorority that calls itself a "top house" that had to give snap bids (this year and previous years), and about half the potential pledge class dropped when they got aphi at rush. great, beautiful, nice group of girls, but stop trying to bring other houses down to get top tier. also, aphi rags on tridelt so hard to try to get ranked above them, and some aphi chick ratted on pi phi unofficial bid night 2017 to try to get pi phi to lose their house. nice.

pi phi and tridelt are both objectively more exclusive than aphi considering just rush results. not the same tier. watch this get a bunch of dislikes because of aphi self rankers.

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#1  by: objectively exclusive   

dude its summer go outside enjoy the sun write this in your diary

By: objectively exclusive
by: chillJun 19, 2018 7:48:47 PM

^ stanford not sec

By: chill
#2  by: yooo   


greekrank. com / uni /62 / topic / 1830627 / aphi-rush-pdf /

// docs.google.com / document / d/ 1JQfuIA0lx5PHf3VFDhQ8STnR1QWpMNI0G7Z6xthshRM / edit

(remove spaces obv)

By: yooo
by: please. Jan 17, 2019 12:56:36 AM

uhh that’s one chapter at a school that takes greek life WAY more seriously than stanford does....

By: please.
by: which one?Jan 17, 2019 6:44:18 PM

which chapter?

By: which one?
by: andMar 14, 2019 12:14:05 PM

This expose was written by the former APhi recruitment chair at Michigan and makes for an eye opening read on what APhi is all about as an organization. Reddit has a long thread on the topic and is also quite interesting in that it gets comments from APhi's all over the US. So, to the poster that said this issue is just a Michigan issue I would have to say I respectfully disagree. The recruitment policies and standards are driven by APhi headquarters and are fairly uniform across all chapters. Michigan greek culture is fairly laid back and no where near the intensity seen in many of the SEC schools for example. So, to say that Stanford is different in this case doesn't pass the sniff test. APhi degrades its own members under its own policies and these policies are institutionized in their standards and are a huge part of APhi culture. Just surprised this hasn't come out sooner. My mom was an APhi and when she read the Michigan expose she simply said, '...nothing has changed...'!

By: and
by: hmmMar 20, 2019 2:01:03 AM

hey and,

i’m in a sorority here and i don’t know the intimate details of how my organization rushes, let alone those details about how other organizations do, so just curious as to why you think you do?


By: hmm
#3  by: lol   

it’s kinda funny how obviously this is written by someone trying to make aphi look bad because they feel threatened...

By: lol
by: palMar 15, 2019 1:14:10 PM

I love the tatic of attacking someone by saying they feel threatened. Totally bush league. How is sharing information at all threatening? Shouldn't PNMs know something more about the organizations they are thinking of joining? Shouldn't PNMs realize that there are SIGNIFICANT differences in the cultures of the organizations they are thinking of giving their money to for 4 years? Most PNMs don't know much about the differences. Some of the organizations in panhel stand for something and have cultures that are supporting of women and personal growth. IMO APhi is NOT supportive of women and their personal growth and this is seen in the way they recruit and treat their own members. Its not just here but its the entire nationwide APhi organization that is this way. If this kind of culture is what you want then by all means join. But it makes me sad that people join APhi without knowing much about who they are and what they are all about.

By: pal
by: buddyMar 20, 2019 2:08:20 AM

i would say it’s a lot more important to look at how members of an organization view that organization than how nonmembers view it. if you aren’t in aphi, why do you feel qualified to “educate PNMs” about how aphi treats it’s mvers if you aren’t in aphi?

same goes for every organization on campus. focus on your conversations and instincts during rush, and if you must look for other sources of information, look at sorority’s instagrams and how you feel about any girls you know in each sorority.

if you join a sorority based on what other people say about that sorority, i can guarantee you won’t be happy.

By: buddy
#4  by: gossip girl   

learn more about the truth of alpha phi's national recruitment strategy. check out @friendinheaven on IG

It's a good read.

Carefully read the highlight called BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

By: gossip girl

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