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Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority chapter comments at Saint Joseph's University - SJU

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#1  by: sis   

By far the hottest!! Have the lowest GPA on campus maybe because they go out almost every day of the week. They have so much fun wherever they go. Definitely the best sorority.

By: sis
#2  by: man   

they used to be attractive but honestly fell off, wouldn't even list them as top 4 on hotness. Now that they lost that all they have is hazing haha

By: man
#3  by: lol   

trisig isnt as good as it used to be. girls arent as hot

By: lol
#4  by: Claire   

It seems like they are getting their act together now with everything. When I was going through recruitment, they were the only sorority to have a certain GPA requirement. So it seems like they are on the right path. Sadly I'm not in their sorority, but they seem to have one of the strongest sisterhoods on this campus. A few of my friends are in tri sigma and they can't get enough of this sorority...If I was to go through recruitment again, I would have definitely have chosen tri sigma. But not even being a sister of their sorority, they are always very welcoming and fun to be around. All around great girls.

By: Claire
#5  by: brenden   

they their they're the hottest ones, most def not, last years pledge class was full of hefty girls and loud annoying drunks not really sure what they're doing, they always get a few key girls every year to keep them relevant. Phi Sig def has my vote on the hottest

By: brenden

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