Cornell DKE > Dartmouth

by: DDD

Cornell Dekes represent the ultimate qualities of manhood. These studs would mop the floor with any of your “frats” at Dartmouth. Stay in your lane.

Posted By: DDD
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#1  by: jkfsd   

Looks like someone's still salty about getting rejected from all the real Ivy League schools. Have fun with your hotel degree from SUNY Ithaca and try to avoid the nets when you inevitably jump into the gorge

By: jkfsd
by: .Jun 11, 2021 7:29:22 PM

was a suicide joke really necessary? its probably some troll that doesn't go to either school. i hope someone close to you commits suicide so you can think again about making suicide jokes.

By: .
#2  by: Lil tecca   

Even virgins know this is true

By: Lil tecca
by: geed nationJul 15, 2021 3:50:49 PM

Exactly, thnx tecca

By: geed nation
#3  by: Bump   

So true

By: Bump
#4  by: lmao   

apart from your engineering or architecture programs, your not elite

By: lmao

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