how it rlly be these days.

by: Ok lezbehonest tho

Recruitment switched things up!

Top houses:
Adpi, Theta
Upper Mid: chi o, tridelt,
Aphi, Pi phi
Mid: Dg, kappa
Axo, kd, phi mu
Low mid: Dz
Agd, gphi

Posted By: Ok lezbehonest tho
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#21  by: yes thank god    

this goes along with current greek life

By: yes thank god
#22  by: agreed   

Bump this

By: agreed
#23  by: okurrtry   

retweeting this

By: okurrtry
#24  by: Yes.   

Bump this one

By: Yes.
#25  by: keep it up   

thank you for this

By: keep it up
#26  by: chief called   


By: chief called
#27  by: Thank u   

Bump bc people don’t understand greek life

By: Thank u
#28  by: Only accurate rank   

This is the only one

By: Only accurate rank
#29  by: Totally agree   

Kappa delta is above kappa for sure and on level.with pi phi - if you go here you know it is true

By: Totally agree
#30  by: Yes   

Keeping it alive for our sanity

By: Yes

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