Sorority ranks based on…

by: sophomore girl

Ranking girls in the sorority by how easy they are to talk to/ get along with
From friendly- awkward

phi mu/ tri delt

Posted By: sophomore girl
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#1  by: AA   

This is not accurate

By: AA
#2  by: S   

if you want to go off of looks and popularity:
tri delt
phi mu
chi o

if you want to go off friendliness and authenticity
tri delt, phi mu, aoii
chi o

By: S
by: LAug 9, 2021 7:02:52 PM


By: L
by: ZAug 10, 2021 5:18:20 PM

Bump. This is accurate coming from a guy

By: Z
#3  by: student   

the most popular:
chi o and zeta
the nicest and genuine people:
aoii and adpi

By: student
by: KAug 11, 2021 1:10:39 AM

Uh this is not true…

By: K
#4  by: SU   

This is not accurate.

In all honesty, it’s really hard to rank the chapters at Samford. Most people that choose SU are high character, smart, and involved so most of the members of ALL chapters are similar.

Yes, everyone thinks they are supposed to want zeta, chi o, and ADPi but that’s because everyone tells you that’s who you are supposed to want. The people that want you to think their chapters are better try hard to make people think other chapters are lesser.

Go look at all of the social media accounts. Look at the pictures they are tagged in. Each chapter has a couple of members that don’t fit the SU mold but if they aren’t wearing letters, it’s hard to tell one from another.

By: SU
#5  by: Former ZTA    

I’m embarrassed to be a ZTA now. They are the snobbiest, entitled girls on campus. All the sororities at Samford have beautiful girls so it’s sad when one sorority tries to make another sorority feel bad or unworthy like ZTA’s do. Truth be told aoii has some of the nicest, classiest, smart and pretty girls of all and they don’t all talk about each other or have eating disorders!

By: Former ZTA

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