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by: Wondering

How is the Theta Chi colony doing?? Are they going to make it?

Posted By: Wondering
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#1  by: Yo   


By: Yo
#2  by: ya   

Not even affiliated with the school. Fake Frat

By: ya
#3  by: 4   

Definitely going to make it, they're making waves yo

By: 4
by: chillinJan 7, 2020 12:37:00 AM

nah that’s dead. fake frat

By: chillin
#4  by: Belvin   

"are they going to make it?" stop asking dumb questions that you know the answer to. We made it

By: Belvin
by: goonMay 6, 2020 6:40:50 PM


By: goon
#5  by: Greek   

School won’t let you on bro lmao. And even if they did all of Greek life hates you, don’t even understand you guys at this point. Keep lying to your guys about how you’ll get on campus soon lol

By: Greek
by: Gentlemen Mar 16, 2018 1:50:41 AM

Fun, safe and respectful parties. I heard these guys average more community service hours then other fraternity’s. Theta Chi is eating but still starving. Have a good one !

By: Gentlemen
#6  by: Buryislit69   

Yooo these guys were hella lit and down to earth

By: Buryislit69
#7  by: k   

Most down to earth frat Ive met on campus. Great guys all around just trying to have a good time.

By: k

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