tess jansen is psycho

by: xoxo miami

tess jansen used to go to miami u and had to transfer to dayton because she cheated on her boyfriend who always went there, made 3 roommates leave her room because she would do evil things to them, everyone hated her because of how sloppy she’d be at the bar with everyone’s boyfriend and how she’d go into psychotic episodes and scream in the dorm hallways. she is not to be trusted at all. literally belongs in a psych ward not college. fakest girl ever back home, no one likes her. and she got a square head. pick a struggle sis. dayton will see ur true colors soon. for no, EVERYONE BEWARE. she’s a complete monster. no wonder why she got blacklisted from every social event and bar!

Posted By: xoxo miami
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#1  by: yup   

i am from back home. this is all true

By: yup
#2  by: Squidward   

I think I’m in love

By: Squidward

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