How competitive is the sorority recruitment here? I was planning on rushing mizzou but I'm looking into smaller schools. What ar my chances if I'm an above average looking girl, 29 on the ACT, 2.96 GPA while being in all honors and AP classes at a private school.
Also, is Greek life really a Greek life here? Sisterhoods? Homecoming..?

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LOL you chose to go to Western with a 29 and all honors classes? What is wrong with you. You just ruined your college education. You could have gotten in to U of I or Northwestern.

By: Not a Western Student
by: AnonymousJul 26, 2016 7:29:51 PM

29 act with only a 2.9 GPA is not gonna cut it for U of I. Good act score, but that GPA is low

By: Anonymous

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