fraternity rankings:

by: jub

1.phi delt- Largest fraternity as far as chapter size, best alumni connections, decent house and very social.
2.Pike - Best at sports, new house on campus which only adds to their overall chapter strength also very strong socially.
3.ATO - heavily involved on campus, diverse, fairly decent at sports, decent social.
4.Sigma chi- Despite recent troubles with social probation, still a good house and a name on campus.
5. Sig Ep - Largest house on campus and decent at sports
6. KA - Focused on GPA, don't really do much as far as social or involvement.
7. Kappa Sig - Used to be weird, but their chapter is getting better.
8. Beta - Been on the decline, bunch of weird members.
9. DU - D who?
10. Delts - new to campus, still building.
11. FIJI - LOL

Posted By: jub
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By: Some Dude

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