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by: Heyyy

Is Greek life anything here or how is it like? I’m planning on transferring there next spring and wanted to know if it was worth rushing. I’m a sophomore girl!

Posted By: Heyyy
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#1  by: yes!   

definitely rush! its hard to find a group of friends and be involved at a "commuter campus" like UTA. Its not a typical college town. Most people don't even live on campus. So join and give it a shot! Sounds like you want to be involved. Greek life is an awesome opportunity!

By: yes!
#2  by: Don’t    

Not worth it here. Try to get involved in groups within your college/major. Greek life here is a joke but you still pay like you’re at a big school.

By: Don’t
by: LOLJun 19, 2020 9:12:15 PM

Then why are you on this site?

#3  by: Do itttttt   

Found the best people at uta through Greek life

By: Do itttttt

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