Greek Life Wherefore Art Thou


What happened to Greek life? Out of 40,000 students this is the best we can do?

Posted By: Lost and Confused
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Ha! Gaaaay! Seriously though, to put things in perspective, it is UTA not LSU. I should not have to explain more.

By: lol
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There's a lot of people that actually wanted UTA because there is not an overwhelming presence off greek life drama on campus. And with the cost of college constantly rising, less people are willing to spend thousands of dollars for something they can honestly do for free (make friends, hook-up, network, party, finding things to do).

If you care about greek life that much you should go further down I-30 to TCU, SMU, Baylor ... they're obsessed with greek life there. I love that UTA is not one of those "greek schools" always in the news b/c of some stupid frat stunt or date-rape case

By: Juice
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And only about 30,000 students are undergraduates and eligible to join a frat or sorority. The rest are graduates or post-bacc students not allowed to rush/pledge.

By: Juice
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UTA is a pretty big commuter school, not party school.
We don't even have a football team here and you're looking for decent Greek life?
Those who are in Greek life here do they best they can but would have their minds blown if they saw Greek Life in the SEC or Big 12.

By: Well
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This doesn't speak for everyone but many students are paying for all or most of their education and/or working. The cost of Greek life can be a barrier.

By: Mav fan

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